Historic Birch Lodge

Historic Birch Lodge
Historic Birch Lodge, Trout Lake, MI

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Butterfly Bush aka Lilacs in Bloom

Print Friendly and PDF Birch Lodge ButterfliesOur lilacs have been wonderful this year.  I am amazed at their bloom, and their fragrance wonderful .  We have noticed that the butterflies are loving them too. 

It has been a very dry spring here, and I have been helping the lilacs blooms last a bit longer I hope by watering them.

 The butterflies seems to like the moisture, sometimes resting on a wet leaf. 

Last year I posted a blog on the beautiful  Canadian Tiger Swallowtails which gather on our beach.

Trout Lake, MI Canadian Tiger Swallowtail
Canadian Tiger Swallowtail

 In addition to these beauties.  There seems to be every kind of butterfly on this one bush!

At the same time!

  Canadian Tiger Swallowtails, and Monarch butterflies seem to dominate.
American Painted Lady
Red Admiral Trout Lake, MI
Red Admiral

We had lots of Skippers, a Red Admiral, a couple of  Mourning Cloaks, and an American Painted Lady among the bunch.  There are however, some I am not sure of.
Mourning Cloak

 A larger dark butterfly was more shy, but came often over several days.
 I am not sure if this is a dark variation of a swallowtail or could it be a Pipe-Vine Swallowtail?  If so it is rare and not supposed to be in this area. 

Pipe vine Swallowtail? Trout Lake, MI
Mystery Swallowtail

There was also a butterfly I mistook for a leaf.  This might be a Question Mark?  Truly, that's a name, one of the angelwing variety.
 I didn't see it fly with wings open,  it took off while I was called away, but the little question mark in cream on it's wing makes me think that I am correct here. 
Question Mark

Hummingbird Moth

We also had visits by the hummingbirds and a Humming Bird moth!
He was on the lilacs, but we got a better shot of him on the chives, which were very popular too!
More Blooms or Butterflies?

  I will miss the butterflies, but I will really miss the waft of perfume of those old lilacs through the lodge.

Birch Lodge Trout Lake, MI
Top of the Lilac and Swallowtails

 Wish you all could have been here, maybe next year?  Maybe later this year?   

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  1. Lilacs are beautiful! So enjoyed your site and thank you for restoring the Birch Lodge. My husband has so many Trout Lake memories...many relatives in the area. Sadly, many deceased..but time does march on. We have stayed at the motel, so familiar with the "old colored tv sets" and two channels. Also, visited the bar. It is unique. Love the jukebox! My mother-in-law (now in nursing home) has special memories from the bar and that juke box. Time nor space allows for printing of special memories. Just know your restoration efforts are appreciated and will be closely following your blog. I am not on Facebook nor am I a " Tweeter", so unable to join your followers. Again, thank you.