Historic Birch Lodge

Historic Birch Lodge
Historic Birch Lodge, Trout Lake, MI

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tahquamenon Falls and the Duck Lake Fire

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About a week ago now, we had heard that the Duck Lake Fire had been largely contained and that the campground at the Lower Tahquamenon Falls was open again to the public.  We had a nice weekend, and Bill's cousins were visiting, so we took a trip up to the falls to see what it was like. 

At one point they were speaking about evacuating Paradise, and we were braced to see burned terrain.  We were very pleased to see no sign of the fire at all in the Paradise area, or along the road out to the falls. 

At the entrance to the Upper Falls Park, we saw a lighted sign along the road warning about the wildfire in the area.

 The fire crews were out working on hot spots, and the roads had not all been opened.  (Since our visit, we have heard that the roads are open, but the forest roads are in rough shape from the vehicles fighting the fire--so if you are planning a trip into the fire area beware.   Also, the area is already starting to green up after the burn!)

The Falls were as usual a fantastic sight, and it was a relief to find all is as usual in the Falls area.

 So if you were lamenting the loss due to the fire, be aware that not all has been lost, there is still plenty of the U.P. that is just fine....come and see for yourself!

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  1. Thank you for posting this. It is a relief to hear that this beautiful area was not damaged.