Historic Birch Lodge

Historic Birch Lodge
Historic Birch Lodge, Trout Lake, MI

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Old-Fashioned 4th of July

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July 4 Parade
As the oldest resort on Trout Lake, Birch Lodge has seen over a hundred Independence Day celebrations. Trout Lake really puts on a show each year - a full-scale all-invited community parade, fireworks over the lake, softball tournament, pancake supper, barbecue, flea market, family reunions at the township park - just like "the old days." And, just like the old days, the motel was filled for the holiday weekend - Woo-Hoo!!!

Birch Lodge Navy
So, how did we celebrate? We launched the first of our Birch Lodge "fleet" - the row boats that guests may use. She is cleaned and shined, and re-painted with the Birch Lodge name. The next two "ships of the line" are in progress, as we are restoring two of the original galvanized steel boats from the 1940s.

Two couples have already gone fishing, and the score, wives: four pan fish one pike, and a walleye; husbands: ZIP. Interestingly, the guests and some local folks found the same spot a short way off our dock that the osprey and eagles fish. We saw an osprey take a walleye there too the other day!
Birch Lodge Screen Room
We set up our screen room for guests to use to watch the fireworks over the lake a dusk, just in case the skeeters are biting. We are now planning an outdoor lakeside "patio" area with a fire ring so that we might have safe fires lakeside. Maybe even host some neighborhood pot-luck dinners too!
Deb Cookies
Deb whipped up a batch of red, white, and blue sour cream sugar cookies (as well as some plain ones for those who might not be feeling so patriotic . . .).
How did Bill spend the "holiday"? Well, we all know he always does things a little differently. Hopefully not starting a new tradition - he was red with sunburn, white with rage and blue with melancholy after digging a trench to expose a leaking water line to the laundry.

To think that all started out by going to fill in a hole behind the old fish cleaning house..... It's amazing what a guy can accomplish when powered by enough sugar cookies! Oh, and the Bunn coffee maker the electrician gave us! Coffee anyone? Now off to rake the beach......

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