Historic Birch Lodge

Historic Birch Lodge
Historic Birch Lodge, Trout Lake, MI

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fire and Water

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As the largest resort on Trout Lake, we are always trying to add to the amenities offered to our guests. The latest addition - a stone-lined fire pit. It in some ways it is in the spirit of a stone barbecue hearth dating to the mid-1900s that had been removed by the previous owner.

Several of our guests had asked about building a bonfire, bringing shudders to certain owners of a historic century-old frame lodge. But we realize how much weenies and s'mores over an open fire have inspired many a family tradition in the north.

So, we created a lodge-friendly, virtually fireproof location near the water's edge about mid-way between the motel and lodge. Close enough to either for access, far enough from both to reduce fire danger, and lakeside for cool breezes, sunset views, and lifetime memories.

Pull up a chair and pass the marshmallows!

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  1. Hi, As part-time Trout Lake residents we have been thrilled to watch the renovations taking place at the Lodge,(we love to cruise around the lake on our pontoon). Several of our neighbors have told us stories of visiting the Lodge in years past, and we have only imagined what it looks like on the inside. We have totally loved reading about the property and it's history on your web site. Keep up the great work, and we will gladly be visitors when the lodge is open for business! The Turnquist Family