Historic Birch Lodge

Historic Birch Lodge
Historic Birch Lodge, Trout Lake, MI

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Birch Lodge Modern---Again

Print Friendly and PDF Many people these days, even those who wish to immerse themselves in nostalgia and historical environments, expect "modern amenities" in accommodations.

Back in the day, Birch Lodge was proud to be up to date, and we want to bring it up to date again. Back then, to be "modern" you had to have indoor plumbing - and it is now almost to that state with Internet access and full-spectrum TV.

We did appreciate the old funky RCA color TVs in the motel rooms, but the roof antenna only pulled in two Canadian stations.

While Canadian TV is interesting, lets face it, that is not much of a choice, and after September 1 even these won't be available as Canada ceases analog broadcasting.

Thus, we somewhat reluctantly have acquired satellite Internet and TV for our guests. In the motel rooms we provide the DirecTV commercial package.

We thought this image of the old antenna juxtaposed with the satellite dish symbolized well the technological transition, as does this one showing the old and new televisions.
We now offer wireless connection through HughesNet in the lodge's Birch Bar, lobby, and dining room as well as on the full-width veranda - darned nice places with tons of atmosphere to sit with a cup of joe and check your email and facebook.

Can you imagine yourself behind the computer pictured here on the front porch, or there in the Birch Bar, or perhaps there in the front lobby???

Oh, and did we mention we now have an online reservation link on the website? Check the calender for availability and book yourself a room now! Soon the link will be set with our credit card processor so you can book and pay online with a secure link.

For two Luddites like us that never had more than rabbit ears and first thought dial-up web access was the bees knees, well, jeepers creepers and 24-skidoo, this is quite a change!!!

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  1. Had a wonderful time visiting with the inn keepers on 6/28/11. Nice tour, beautiful place! Can't wait to stay in the big lodge. Love the vibe....