Historic Birch Lodge

Historic Birch Lodge
Historic Birch Lodge, Trout Lake, MI

Sunday, June 5, 2011

More Trout Lake Memories from Birch Lodge

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We really enjoy receiving messages from people who have stayed at Birch Lodge and have fond memories of this very special place. We received emails from families of former owners, people who have worked at Birch Lodge, and many people who spent vacations here.

One of our most recent contacts, for example, was from Lisbeth, who wrote about spending "six glorious days" when Farm Bureau families met here for a vacation lodge and was delighted to see the lodge "glimmering in the sunlight just as I remember it 50+ years ago".

And then there is Karen, who told us she reads our blog to check on progress. She and others - have told us that reading the entries make them feel they are visiting Trout Lake all over again. Many have shared photos of their stays at Birch Lodge - and we love this. We hope to have a wall of images showing good times had by visitors through the decades.

Going back to Karen again, she included a fish story and a picture taken by her uncle Bill of a really nice bass caught in Trout Lake, probably during the late 1970s. She relates, Cliff Badgley came out to the dock to assess the catch and surmised "that's the third largest smallmouth I've seen taken from this lake." A fish tale, perhaps? Let's just say that Karen was suspect: "probably said that very same thing to EVERYBODY, but I believed him." Does look like a nice catch though!

By the way, we still have some of the steel boats in that photo, and hope to have some of them back in the water this year.

Thanks again to everyone, and keep the photos and memories coming!

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