Historic Birch Lodge

Historic Birch Lodge
Historic Birch Lodge, Trout Lake, MI

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Birch Lodge Tree Time

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Birch  Lodge Porch, Trout Lake, MI
On the Porch at Birch Lodge, Trout Lake, MI
It's hard to believe we have finished our fourth summer at Birch Lodge. We've come a long way, but realize we still have a  long way to go.  Even as work continues on the Lodge, it also keeps us busy taking care of the grounds.

Things didn't get off to a good start this spring... a large spruce fell across the drive, taking out our power. We could only get into the property because Mark Beaudoin of Beaudoin Sanitation, who plows the drive in the winter, sawed open a "drive through".  Mark also collared the Cloverland Electric Coop guys who were eating lunch in town and got us back on line.  Thanks Mark!

 We also removed a few large diseased birch trees that overhung the cabin and trimmed some dead branches near the lodge.

 American Tree Service expertly did the job, after arriving in their vehicle with its uniquely Yooper hood ornament.
Yooper Hood Ornament

  We have also begun transplanting young birch trees across the property and encouraging the young sprouts at the bases of the large old trees.

 We must encourage these little birch for future generations. As Bill is fond of saying,

 "Without the Birch trees, its just, ...Lodge." .

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