Historic Birch Lodge

Historic Birch Lodge
Historic Birch Lodge, Trout Lake, MI

Monday, March 18, 2013

Trout Fishing in the Eastern Upper Peninsula

Print Friendly and PDF While searching information for my blogs, I came across several links that may be of interest to those wishing to go trout fishing in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.   Trout Lake, (aka Carp Lake) where Birch Lodge is located, is rumored to have some lake trout, but in reality, many of the area lakes and streams contain several species of trout and are open to fishing.

Here is a map for our area I found from the Michigan DNR, other areas are also available on that link.  Streams and lakes highlighted are for trout, click on the DNR link above for more information.
All of these areas are less than an hour's drive from Birch Lodge, most are about 30 minutes.

In addition, beginning April 1, 2013, the Michigan DNR is employing an experimental increase in the daily limit of brook trout in several streams in Michigan.   This would double the daily limit from 5 to 10 in 2013.   One of these streams is the Eastern Branch of the Tahquamenon River.  Basically, this  experimental area pertains to the waters upstream from the bridge on M 123 north of Eckerman MI.
Eckerman, MI is 11 miles north of Birch Lodge, Trout Lake, MI on M 123.

Although we won't be open to put you up in April, I hope this will give you something use for planing your trip to the U.P.  In the meantime, you can dream about all those fish! 


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