Historic Birch Lodge

Historic Birch Lodge
Historic Birch Lodge, Trout Lake, MI

Saturday, October 15, 2011

'Scrutiny on the Bounty' at Birch Lodge

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Seasonal weather has returned,and Autumn is in full force -literally - with 40 mph winds. Quite a change from the sunny 70s we had just a few days ago. We're ready to throw in the towel on our attempt at UP agriculture. We tried a garden, but to be honest, our thoughts and efforts were generally occupied with that other undertaking on our 20 acres here in Trout Lake. Yes, in case you could not recognize it, that's a garden in the image to the left (with thornless raspberries behind).

So, how did we do? Well, you can be the judge from the pictures above. Pitiful. We'd be OK if we could live off the raspberries and the little apple tree that's producing kick-butt tasty fruit (in the picture below, right) near the motel.

In sum, looks like it would be rather lean times if we had to live off the "bounty of the land" as did the pioneers up here. Anyone depending on our "green thumb" would be perfectly justified if they'd mutiny. Heck, we'd probably join them! We have to hope and pray we are better stewards of historic buildings than of tomatoes, squash, and peppers.

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