Historic Birch Lodge

Historic Birch Lodge
Historic Birch Lodge, Trout Lake, MI

Friday, November 12, 2010

Moose at Trout Lake, MI

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Moose Track Close-up, at Birch Lodge Trout Lake, MI
Close-up of Moose Track
We went away overnight and missed a big visitor. I was walking the dogs, and took them down to the beach to wade when I saw the tracks. BIG tracks. I looked closely, and saw that they came from and returned to the lake...
Moose Tracks on the Beach at Birch Lodge, Trout Lk, MI
Moose Tracks on the Beach at Birch Lodge

The beach area is about 900 feet from the river which connects Little Trout Lake to Big Trout lake at the east edge of our property. Talking with our construction workers, one said he has also seen moose tracks around Little Trout Lake. That lake is a small lake, with limited development and is adjacent to wetlands which cross M-123 and continue north of town. I think the moose waded along the river-edge, and along our frontage passing the motel and lodge until it got to the beach and woods then returned.
Little Trout Lake, Trout Lake, MI
Little Trout Lake

I told Bill, and we hunted about for more tracks along the river/wetland, but found no more. Our neighbor
to the west told me he has seen moose tracks while hunting north of town west of M-123. Although I was surprised, I guess most people around here are aware of the moose. We are only about 30 miles from the Newberry/Tahquamenon river area (as the moose trots-- longer by road), which boasts itself the Moose Capital of Michigan.

Although moose were extirpated in Michigan's Lower Peninsula, it is less clear if there were remnant populations in the Upper Peninsula before the DNR moose re-introduction program in the 1980's. While visiting the Newberry Chamber of Commerce I came across this great video of a bull moose north of town. Those moose tracks led to a moose, so we must have one somewhere!

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